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SMCsuppliers templateSMC Corporation of America provides a broad range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment to various industry segments, and is recognized as the global leader in the automation industry. SMC’s product ranges include air cylinders, grippers, slide tables, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, air preparation equipment, dryers, and high purity products. As a global company, SMC can support you wherever you are.


Air Cylinders DSSMC manufactures pneumatic and electric actuators, grippers, and air cylinders in a broad range of sizes and styles to meet almost any automation need. Whether you are working with electric actuators, or need a combination rotary linear cylinder, SMC has your solution. Select from the following cylinder styles:

  • Linear air cylinders
  • Guided air cylinders
  • Rotary actuators
  • Rodless pneumatic cylinders
  • Electric actuators
  • Grippers & Escapements
  • Specialty Actuators including high speed air cylinders, low friction actuators, and more

Valves & Manifolds

SY-A-C1-1Pneumatic valves and valve manifolds provide the logic that makes an automated system perform. SMC’s valves are designed to conserve energy, and provide maximum flow rates. SMC’s valve products include the following categories:

  • Solenoid Valves & Manifolds
  • Manual Valves
  • Mechanically Actuated Valves
  • Air Pilot Valves
  • Valve Accessories

Airline Equipment

AC-A-C1-06To operate reliably, a pneumatic system needs clean dry air. SMC has a broad range of products to help address the needs of harsh industrial environments. From water and dust to oil and odors, SMC has the air filters, regulators and related equipment that you need to keep your air and machines performing. Our product offerings include:


  • Combination FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator) Units
  • Filters
  • Regulators (both vacuum and standard air regulator equipment is available)
  • Lubricators
  • Dryers
  • Nozzles

Airline Preparation Equipment

6014B_USSMC’s air preparation equipment protects downstream components and helps keep them operating at peak efficiency. These products are designed to handle harsh industrial environments while effectively removing water, oil, and other contaminants from your compressed air. The end result is clean, cool, dry air that is optimal for your pneumatic system.

  • Refrigerated, Membrane & Desiccant Dryers
  • Air Preparation Filters
  • Aftercoolers
  • Auto Drain Valves


KQ2-C-C1-11SMC produces a comprehensive range of tubing, fittings, speed or flow controls, and related accessories. Specialized fittings for harsh environments, or high purity environments are available as well. Fittings and tubing work together to provide you with a leak-free, efficient, easy-to-use system to supply air to industrial automation systems.

  • Fittings
  • Tubing
  • Speed Controllers
  • Manifolds
  • Accessories

Electric Actuators

Elec Act Cyls DSElectric actuators offer distinct advantages over their pneumatic counterparts. Acceleration and speed are controlled and predictable. Multiple positions are possible with high precision and repeatability. Pushing forces can be programmed. With no need for compressed air, infrastructure and energy costs are lower. LE is SMC’s current line of electric actuators, designed with a focus on easy setup and operation. Function parameters come preset, plus an “Easy Mode” setting option allows you to be operational quickly.

  • Sliders (24VDC and AC Servo)
  • Rod & Guided Rod (24VDC and AC Servo)
  • Slide Tables
  • Rotary
  • Grippers
  • Miniature
  • Controllers & Drivers

Electrical Products

01_PFM7, 2-Color Display, Digital Flow Switch, Integrated DisplaySMC’s electro-pneumatic regulators control the output air pressure or vacuum pressure in direct proportion to an electrical input signal. Electric actuators provide multiple stops and acceleration control. A broad range of options are available, including analog or switched output, and IP65 rated products.

  • Electronic Pressure Regulators
  • Pressure Switches
  • Vacuum Switches
  • Flow Switches


VacuumSMC vacuum products vary from vacuum pads with a variety of connection styles and pad shapes/materials to vacuum ejectors (or vacuum generators) available as single units or modular designs with both vacuum release and main supply valves. Vacuum filters help prevent dust and particulates from entering vacuum circuits, while vacuum regulators maintain a steady negative pressure. Our range of pressure and flow switches can confirm product absorption.

  • Suction Cups
  • Non-Contact Pads
  • Ejectors
  • Filters
  • Regulators
  • Switches

Fluid Process Valves

01_VCL20_30_40, 2 Port Solenoid Valve for OilSMC manufactures a full line of fluid process valves for use with a wide range of fluids and applications.

  • General Purpose Water & Air
  • Oil & High Temperature Oil
  • Steam & Heated Water
  • Specialized Application
  • Chemical
  • Coolant
  • Dust Collector

Static Control

Static Elec Elimin DSSMC offers a complete line of static control products to solve your static electricity problems. Our electrostatic sensors and monitoring equipment will help you locate the areas where static buildup is occurring. Then rapidly eliminate the static electricity with a selection of ionizers that best fit your application.

  • Bar, Nozzle, & Fan Type Ionizers
  • Handheld & Stationary Electrostatic Sensors
  • Quick Replacement Electrode Cartridges

Temperature Control

01_HRS, Thermo-chiller, Compact Type, Single Phase 100_115VACA variety of products is available for controlling the temperature of processes and equipment for improved quality, reliability, and service life. Styles include chillers, heat exchangers, and a thermoelectric bath. Chillers use a refrigerant circuit or peltier element to extract heat from coolant recirculating through your device. Waste heat is then cooled with facility water or fan-blown air. Heat exchangers transfer heat from coolant directly to facility water without an intermediate refrigerant circuit. The thermoelectric bath controls the temperature of a liquid filled tank used for immersing solid components or liquids and gases contained in labware.

Models vary by cooling capacity, temperature range and stability, refrigerant cooling method, and circulating fluid. Suitable applications may be general purpose in lab and factory environments, or sensitive and demanding in high technology sectors such as semiconductor.

Specifications vary by series and model

  • Cooling capacities: 140 W to 35 kW
  • Temperature setting ranges: -20~90°C
  • Temperature stabilities: ±0.01° C, ±0.1° C, ±0.3° C, ±1° C, ±2° C
  • Cooling methods: Air or facility water
  • Circulating fluids: clear/deionized water, ethylene glycol, fluorinated fluids


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