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Value-Added Services

CS Automation has been a premier distributor for pneumatic components and automation products for over 45 years and have always been a step ahead of the competition in offering value-added services. With that kind of experience, we have become experts at kitting, sub-assembly, and complete assembly applications and solutions. As a world-class automation distributor for some of the leading global manufacturers, CS Automation’s engineering team has helped hundreds of clients in diverse industries create unique solutions to successfully address a wide range of automation challenges. Our extensive value-added assembly capabilities are in compliance to ISO-9001 guidelines and standards, and we have helped design and build literally thousands of assemblies for customers located all over the globe.


  • PDF Assembly Drawing with Complete B.O.M.
  • 2D/3D Drawing Package (if required)
  • Single Part Number – Reducing Parts per Order
  • Complete Assemblies are Tested, Inspected, and Packaged per Customer Specification
  • Machine Framing & Guarding (Assembled/Kitted)
  • Kitting of Pneumatic & Electrical Components
  • Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Programs
  • Kanban Stocking System to Support Lean and Just-In-Time Production
  • Compressed Air Usage Analysis with Cost Saving Recommendations
  • Product Training


CS Automation’s team, including two onsite degreed Mechanical Engineers and one Electrical Engineer, works with you to design, document, and create your custom sub-assemblies to your exact specifications. We can offer 3D SolidWorks® assembly drawings and documentation support for valve manifolds, cylinders, air prep assemblies, control panels, complete assemblies of systems mounted on sheet metal brackets or aluminum panels. These also include complete designs of extruded aluminum structures, work stations and frames.


Our staff is adept at creating seamless integration between pneumatic/automation systems designing, testing, maintenance, training and other technical support to help our clients improve productivity and efficiency. CS Automation can provide assemblies at a globally competitive labor rate which will reduce your total cost of acquisition and improve your productivity by offloading labor allocations within our core competency.


Your products are kitted, electrically and pneumatically tested, packaged, and shipped in accordance with your specific instructions. Our customized assemblies allow customers to order assemblies with one part number that helps reduce parts per order and order time. We are also a premier 80/20 distributor with highly trained specialists that can help provide modular framing solutions. From custom CAD designs to build-it-yourself kits, we have the experience, expertise, and resources to solve all your challenges and requirements.

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