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Featured Products

Bosch Cordless Nutrunners

Mitsubishi FX5S

Rexroth intelligent cordless nutrunners join wireless technology with all the advantages of the proven ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunner for all category A safety-critical tightening jobs in accordance with VDI2862: Direct measurement of control and monitoring values and the storing of the fastening results for record keeping purposes.

  • Fits easily into the existing infrastructure of any production environment
  • Integrated controller
  • Direct communication between the line PLC and the data collection serve


The new FX5S CPU brings the powerful yet easy-to-use iQ-F compact controllers to budget conscious customers with its built-in Ethernet and I/O, simple functionality, and low price point. FX5S is the perfect product for customers that need to modernize from serial to Ethernet while keeping costs down. FX5S CPUs are available for AC power and in 30, 40, 60 I/O point models. This compact CPU module comes with a built-in Ethernet port. Ease of use and convenience are condensed into a single module delivering high basic performance and high-cost performance for MELSEC iQ-F series



Plug-in JSY manifold with D-sub, flat ribbon, terminal block and lead wire.  Up to 24 solenoids can be connected per manifold.

  • Bottom seal/stainless steel plate prevents the flooding of valves.
  • Wiring D-sub connector/Flat ribbon cable/Terminal block box/Lead wire/ Serial unit (EX600, EX245, EX250, EX260)
  • Compatible with EtherNet/IP™ and IO-Link

BACO Disconnect Switches

BACO’s disconnect switches come equipped with unequaled modularity. All components in the range are versatile and may be used for front or enclosed mounting.


Great flexibility in use– Compactness– Flexible combinations for customized applications


Reversible terminal blocks for front or rear mounting saving valuable time during installation.

New Defeatable Pistol Handles

Yellow/Red and Black/Grey versions– UL/NEMA Type 4x – IP66– Robust design suitable for all applications

Great Flexibility In Use

Compactness– Flexible combinations for customized applications– Reversible terminal blocks for front or rear mounting saving valuable time during installation