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Featured Products

Bosch Rexroth Smart Function Kits

Mitsubishi Remote Slice I/O Solutions

Proven Rexroth linear axes from the mechatronic building system with currently 36 structural design types available with connection elements and optional cable drag chains and cables are combined with innovative control technology and software to create a perfectly tailored system solution. Everything from a single source.

  • Mechatronic subsystems: Matched mechanical and electrical Rexroth components with pre-installed software for different applications
  • Simple product selection: predefined kits, quickly designed with LinSelect
  • Plug & Produce: Fast, guided commissioning of the system via operating software with wizard, automatic parameterization of the entire system, referencing of the axes
  • Zero Programming: Simple, graphical process configuration with intuitive software, browser-based Web HMI - usable on various end devices
  • Open interfaces: Simple integration into higher-level systems, data access via ReST programming interface, IoT connection via OPC-UA


The NZ2FT Series slice type remote I/O module, equipped with 16 points, has a width of 11.5 mm. Up to 64 modules can be connected per station, allowing multi-point configuration, realizing space-saving. Moreover, when an external power supply is connected to coupler modules and extended power supply modules, the power is supplied to all modules. Thus, it is unnecessary to connect the power to each I/O module.

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

The NZ2FT Series slice type remote I/O module has LEDs for each terminal. Therefore, operation can be easily checked, reducing maintenance costs. The slice I/O module also supports a hot swap function that enables module replacement with the power on, reducing downtime.


  • Space-saving simple configuration
  • Less wiring time with detachable push-in type connector
  • Less downtime with a hot swap function
  • Setting tool built in a coupler module

Parameters can be set using GX Works3 or Web server, a dedicated setting tool built in a coupler module. This dedicated setting tool includes features such as monitoring/diagnostics and functional tests, helping to reduce engineering time and machine costs



SMC ISE20 Digital Pressure Sensor

ISE20 is a digital pressure sensor with an informative, easy to read 3 screen, 3 color display.  The main screen shows the instantaneous reading in red or green, while two sub-screens can display the setting label and its numeric value in orange.  ISE20 saves energy with only 25mA current consumption.  Further, the switch output responds within 1.5ms once the set pressure value is reached.  ISE20 is UL/CSA and RoHS compliant, with an IP40 enclosure rating.

  • Lowest energy consumption of any ISE, at 25mA
  • 3 setting modes: 3-step, simple, function selection
  • 5 pressure units: MPa, kPa, kgf/cm2, bar, psi
  • 1 switch output (NPN or PNP)Port sizes: M5 (female), 1/8 Rc or NPT (male),
    one-touch fitting (straight, elbow
  • Bracket or panel Mounting options


Mencom Panel Interface Connector

A basic PIC typically contains a power outlet (single, duplex, or GFCI) along with one or more of the connectors commonly used by the PLC, computer, or other programmable devices within the control cabinet. These connectors include but are not limited to D-Subminiature (9, 15, 25, 37, or high density 15,) RJ45, RJ11, mini Din, BNC, USB, Ethernet, & Device Net.

A panel interface connector (PIC) is a device that typically mounts to the outside of a control panel in a manufacturing or other automation setting.  Once installed, the PIC, which houses convenient pass-through connections, allows the user to interface with the computer, PLC, or other programmable devices inside the control panel without opening the panel door.

Mencom currently has well over 2000 PIC designs in production. However, new ones are being created on a regular basis, so if you do not find what you are looking for here or in our online catalog, just contact us and we will work with you to design what you need.