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Featured Products

SMC Chillers

Recirculating chillers and heat exchangers are installed to provide thermal stability for applications in industrial and applied sciences from laser cutting, welding, marking and plastic injection molding. Lab science and analytical equipment applications include: mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, MRIs, CT scanners, radiation therapy machines and other medical equipment.

Sizing of the chiller is determined by the required cooling capacity measured in watts (W), kilowatts (kW), BTU per hour, or ton or refrigeration (RT); temperature stability or tolerance; and cooling method, refrigeration or Peltier effect.

SMC chillers are available in Rack Mount, Bench Top, or Floor Standing installations and are cooled with air or facility water; the recirculating coolant can be water, DI water, or an Ethylene glycol mixture.

Product Features:

  • Air and water cooled models
  • Compact
  • Conforms to UL specifications (60 Hz only), also CE marked
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R407C and R410A
  • Low tank fluid level detection function
  • Power failure auto-restart functionRS232C, RS485, and contact I/O for remote access and signals
  • Single phase power for simple installation
  • Timer operation function


Mitsubishi RV8

The RV-8CRL robot is a high quality, low cost solution that offers a high level of versatility due to its slim and compact design. This makes the RV-8CRL well suited for a wide variety of applications.

Key Benefits

  • Compact design – A smooth curved design complements the slim arm and compact joints which results in a smaller base size foot print. In addition to the slim compact design, its structure features minimal protrusion to the front, back, and sides, reducing potential interference with surroundings while the robot is in operation. This makes it a good fit for automation cells and manufacturing equipment.
  • Expanded effective working area – With a maximum load capacity of 8kg and a maximum reach of 931mm, the RV-8CRL minimizes the interference region and the “in minimum” turning radius to provide a wider effective working area.
  • User wiring built into arm – Signal wires and air piping used for gripper controls are built in from the base to the forearm. Both ends of the signal wire have universal D-Sub connectors for easy installation for various applications.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Simple structure – Simplification of the robot arm structure has improved transmission efficiency and reliability while also improving the ease of maintenance.
  • No battery backup – Batteries are not required to back-up the internal encoders, reducing cost and saving time, as well as eliminating the risk of losing origin coordinates due to battery failure.
  • Higher IP rating – IP65 rating comes standard with environmental resistance features allowing installation in plants and on equipment where higher IP ratings are required.