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Featured Products

Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow Plus

Mitsubishi FR-E800 Series

Today, user requirements for transport solutions are more demanding than ever. With the VarioFlow plus, Bosch Rexroth offers you a high-performance, standardized and versatile chain conveyor system. Create your custom conveyor solution from our extensive modular system. Even in close quarters and in the most demanding spatial conditions, VarioFlow plus can meet any challenge.

  • Direct and indirect product transport in horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Cost-effective: Rolling friction in the horizontal curves enables longer distances & requires fewer drives
  • Longer service life and reduced downtimes: Machining-free sliding surfaces reduces wear and tear
  • Space-saving: Horizontal curve radius for all sizes
  • Fast planning, project planning and visualization with MTpro
  • Extensive modular system & high degree of customization options

The FR-E800 Series variable frequency drive is built upon Mitsubishi Electric’s proven variable speed control technology throughout years of reliable operation across various constant and variable torque applications. Designed to save energy and minimize cost, the FR-E800 brings together advances in quality, performance, and predictive maintenance capabilities in one multi-purpose inverter.

Key Benefits

  • Compact Design - Save space with a compact footprint to control 3-phase motors up to 10HP (with expansion in the future) at 200V, 400V and 600V.
  • Dual Overload Rating - Achieve top performance in smaller frame sizes with light duty (LD) and normal duty (ND) overload current ratings.
  • Auto-tune to IM & PM Motors - Setup and commission quickly and easily without time-consuming tuning or the need for on-site support.
  • RS-485 and “Dual-Port” Ethernet Protocol Models - Switch between Ethernet protocols simply by changing internal parameters. The FR-E800 series inverters support a variety of open networks without the need for additional option cards.
  • MELSEC 2K Step PLC - Reduce internal components and save panel space, eliminating wiring time, and reducing system setup times. Operation of the system can be customized by the FR-E800’s built-in PLC feature
  • Inverter-to-Inverter Linking - Create small-scale systems by connecting multiple VFDs via Ethernet protocols. The communication between multiple inverters is carried out through the inputs/outputs and built-in PLC.
  • Extended Environmental Rating - FR-E800 operates in ambient temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (-5 to 140°F) and the control card is conformal coated to withstand harsh environments.
  • Corrosion Alert System - FR-E800 is the world’s first* system to identify signs of damage caused by hydrogen sulfide or other corrosive gases. The operator receives a notification when the production environment needs to be improved or risk the possibility of unplanned downtime



SMC Chillers

Recirculating chillers and heat exchangers are installed to provide thermal stability for applications in industrial and applied sciences from laser cutting, welding, marking and plastic injection molding. Lab science and analytical equipment applications include: mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, MRIs, CT scanners, radiation therapy machines and other medical equipment.

Sizing of the chiller is determined by the required cooling capacity measured in watts (W), kilowatts (kW), BTU per hour, or ton or refrigeration (RT); temperature stability or tolerance; and cooling method, refrigeration or Peltier effect.

SMC chillers are available in Rack Mount, Bench Top, or Floor Standing installations and are cooled with air or facility water; the recirculating coolant can be water, DI water, or an Ethylene glycol mixture.

Product Features:

  • Air and water cooled models
  • Compact
  • Conforms to UL specifications (60 Hz only), also CE marked
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R407C and R410ALow tank fluid level detection function
  • Power failure auto-restart function
  • RS232C, RS485, and contact I/O for remote access and signals
  • Single phase power for simple installation
  • Timer operation function

Schmersal Light Curtains

Schmersal is introducing a BluetoothTM interface in our Safety Light Curtains, as a standard feature, now available on our SLC440COM and multifunctional SLC440 series.These safety light curtains use the BluetoothTM Low Energy system for near-field data transmission, which provides secure data transmission up to 5 meters. The data transmitted from the safety light curtains with BluetoothTM interface is accessible by the Schmersal SLC Assist App, available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.