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Featured Products

Bosch VarioFlow

Simple planning. High load capacity. Versatile upgrading.

VarioFlowThe clear facts of VarioFlow, the latest chain conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth, are convincing: it is more economical than other flexible chain conveyor systems, with considerably better performance figures.

Enormous Load Capacity

Its extraordinary stable chain allows VarioFlow to achieve chain tensile forces of up to 1250 N. The nearly closed chain surface enables even small components to be transported without complication. An extensive range of product components provide solutions for the most diverse transport tasks.

Extremely Adaptable

One of VarioFlow's excellent features is its simple versatility and easy adaptation to specific tasks. On-site adaptation to specific tasks usually requires a few components to be changed, such as the chain or the side rails.

User-Friendly From Start To Finish

VarioFlowStarting as early as possible in the planning phase of your system, CAD software FMSsoft assists you with all system-planning details. Preassembled modules enable simple and smooth installation as all components are designed to perfectly complement each other. Besides the integrated parts list function, TSsoft also calculates the driving power as well as the chain tensile forces.

Comprehensive Range

Whether it be for vertical or horizontal transport, the wide selection of standardized curves and arcs opens up new planning and implementation possibilities.

Conveyor Chains As You Choose

Metal workpieces, electronic components, cosmetics: different products require different chain types. VarioFlow comprises four variants to choose from, with more media on the way:

  • Flat chain
  • Cleated chain
  • Steel-coated chain
  • ESD chain
  • Set your own speed

Besides the section layout with vertical and horizontal curves, curve wheels, guiderails, and profiles, the drive concept is also modular. The gearmotors with fixed or variable speeds are compactly built and equipped with an overload coupling. Motors with integrated frequency converters let the chain speed be infinitely set and revamped on site, to meet your specific requirements.










Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus™

LoadMate Plus™ is Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s engineered solution offering to simplify robotic applications. Specifically created to be easy to set up and use, our team has done the engineering necessary so setup takes minimal time. Completely configurable, the LoadMate Plus robot and stand are perfect for stand-alone cells, or to be integrated into a larger solution.

LoadMate Plus cells can be configured to fit a variety of robot applications, helping integrators, OEMs, and manufacturers save time and cost with a complete robot and stand solution. With its flexible options, the LoadMate Plus can be used for pick-and-place, inspection, assembly, packing, or other application.

The LoadMate Plus has hundreds of pre-engineered configurations but can also be customized to match more unique applications.



SMC JMGP, Compact Guided Cylinder

Series JMGP compact guided actuators are double acting, compact and lightweight.  The JMGP is suitable for pushing, lifting or clamping applications.

  • Bore sizes 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100mm
  • Available with 3 mounting options4 porting locations is standard
  • Available in metric ports in 12 thru 32mm bores
  • Available in Rc, NPT and G ports in 40 thru 100mm bores
  • Auto switch capable
  • Strokes up to 200mm


Mencom Power Distribution Series

Mencom’s power distribution series provides a cost effective and time efficient plug and play solution for your industrial motor, machine and power applications. These easy to use industrial circular connectors provide a quick disconnect option for applications that demand more power. The PMIN power distribution series is available in 3 pole, 4 pole and 7 pole configurations rated at 600V and up to 30A, with a full line of accessories including adapters, closure caps and plugs. A variety of T’s are also available to create integrated and quick disconnect drops to distribute power to multiple locations throughout the system.

Some common applications for the Mencom power distribution system include:

  • Automated machine tools
  • Distributed motor control
  • Material handling
  • Packaging equipment
  • Robotic systems