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Featured Products

Bosch Rexroth Ball Transfer Units

Mitsubishi FX5 PLC

Rexroth Ball Transfer Units make light work of shifting, rotating and directing unit loads. They have proven extremely valuable as integral parts of conveyor systems, feed devices, and machining and packaging equipment. Rexroth Ball Transfer Units with Galvanized cover and housing are available in the GoTo program with ball diameter sizes from 8 to 45 mm.

Features of Rexroth's Ball Transfers include:

  • Easy mounting and extraction
  • Precise rolling and full loadbearing capability in any mounting orientation
  • Smooth running
  • Conveying speed up to 2 m/sec in all types
  • Consistently high quality
  • High rationalization effect

The iQ-F Series is Mitsubishi Electric’s compact control platform. The FX5U model provides a cost-effective solution that boasts ease of use, functionality, and high performance in a small panel footprint. Ideal for small to medium machines, the FX5U and FX5UC controllers enable faster decision making with access to real time data and improved machine accuracy and throughput. The FX5U and FX5UC are keys to a more profitable manufacturing environment. Key Benefits

  • iQ-F Series
  • Faster machine response and increased productivity with 34 ns execution speed
  • Flexible architecture and expansion options to easily standardize for a variety of applications
  • Open connectivity and flexible networking with Ethernet, Modbus and serial communications options
  • Enhanced security options to protect intellectual property
  • Motion control capability in a compact controller platform, reducing cost and simplifying design

SMC Air Management System

The Air Management System automatically regulates and isolates the compressed air provided to a machine to improve efficiencies during periods of inactivity.  The unit generates pressure, flow, and temperature data to characterize normal operating conditions and identify trends to both compare with similar machines and enable preventative action to maintain optimal system performance.  The unit does not require reprogramming of the user's PLC to operate, making integration both simple and cost effective.  The high-resolution data is accessed by the PLC via fieldbus and SCADA packages via OPC UA.  Using OPC UA and wireless systems, the Air Management System can be added without connector to the PLC or changes to PLC programming.

Schmersal SFB

The SFB safety field box allows simple plug-and-play installation of up to eight safety devices per box, with interface for higher end field bus. Thanks to its universal device interface with an 8-pole M12 connector, it can be used to connect a wide variety of safety devices: electronic and electro-mechanical safety interlocks, switches, sensors, light curtains and operation panels. Field box device connections can also be configured to link different devices, thus providing maximum flexibility in the conceptual design of safety solutions. The safety signals from connected safety devices are forwarded to a safety controller for evaluation. Parallel transmission of safety signals allows safety devices to be freely linked in the safety controller. All device connections also feature a self-resetting fuse element to protect lines. After eliminating an overcurrent in a connection, the fuse element resets itself after a brief cool-down period.


Features of the safety field box:

  • Installation of up to 8 safety switchgear devices
  • Optimum process transparency through transfer of all diagnostic signals from connected devices to the control system. A digital input is available on each device socket.
  • Field bus interfaces:
    • PROFINET / PROFIsafeo
    • EtherNet IP / CIP Safetyo
    • EtherCat / Safety over EtherCatM12 power connector with 10 A current capacity for installation of wide range of safety systems
  • Connect a wide variety of safety devices
  • Plug-and-play installation with Universal M12 device sockets and available connection cables
  • Series chain up to 10 safety field boxes
  • LED status indicators
  • Wide range of accessories available, including port labels and protective covers for unused ports