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Alkon offers a full range of Trans-DOT® air valves, cylinders and enclosures for heavy vehicle truck and trailer applications such as lift axle controls, suspension dump valves & tailgate controls. Used worldwide in the harshest environments, Alkon products include brake protection valves, quick exhausts, check valves, forged brass “push to connect or PTC” DOT approved fittings for heavy vehicles, a complete range of brass pipe and industrial PTC fittings for thermoplastic tubing, and custom solutions for vehicles and industrial valve needs.


The Alkon Trans-DOT series of American Made air control valves from Alkon are simply the most reliable, heavy duty air controls on the market today. They are available with different types of operators, manual, air pilots and solenoids. We can help you with circuit designs and complete control boxes or just provide you the components to control air ride suspensions, lift axles, tailgates or anything else on a vehicle!

Features Include:

  • Heavy Duty Anodized Bar Stock Aluminum bodies
  • Cold Weather Compatible Rated to -40° F
  • High Flow Rates ~ Faster Speed
  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Rated for pressures up to 150 PSIG
  • Chemically Resistant Heavy Duty Urethane Seals
  • Waterproof Coils that never fail!
  • Custom solutions & Specials are our strength!


Alkon Trans-DOT manual suspension dump boxes are made expressly for heavy-duty trucking. Whether you order off-the-shelf or custom units, every one is tested for easy, airtight operation.

All Heavy-Duty Trailer Applications:

  • Short & Long-haul Trailers
  • Grain Haulers
  • Tankers
  • Gravel Haulers
  • Flatbeds

Features and benefits:

  • 100% tested – Every unit tested for precision, airtight operation.
  • Alkon “less is best” design – Minimum parts for maximum reliability.
  • Lightweight, compact – 30%-40% smaller and up to 50% lighter than competing models.
  • Keeps gauge clean – Dumps air (and any dirt and contaminants) to the outside.
  • Easy to install, maintain – Optimized for operator and installer convenience.
  • Tough, dependable – Rugged all-weather box, corrosion-resistant valves and fitting.

Proven over the road

  • Thousands of valves have been working for years in the toughest coldest applications.
  • We have survived extreme torture tests all over the world!
  • Alkon valves are the standard by which others are measured.
  • These valves keep you moving in extreme cold when others just can’t cut it!


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