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Mencom, a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors since 1987, offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors including molded cables and receptacles for sensors and actuators, signal and power transmission cables and cordsets, complete network connecting solutions, junction blocks and housings, and a wide variety of metric, PG and NPT cable glands, fittings and adapters. Mencom has a team of engineers with decades of experience. Combined with a progressive manufacturing facility, they are not only ready to provide a solution but are also able to assist challenging connectivity issues from small changes to custom terminations & assemblies with affordable costs and fast turnaround. Whether you need connectors for power, data, communication, sensing, or any other industrial application, Mencom has the connectivity solution you are looking for, be it in standard industrial conditions or the harshest of environments.


Known throughout the industry as MINI-Change, 7/8” connectors, or Mini connectors, Mencom’s MINI-Series can be used for transmission of signal and/or power. They are a popular choice for machine safety components, lighting, Bus Networks, robots, and numerous other applications, and are available in three sizes:

  • Size I – available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 14 pole versions and based on a 1” hex size for the receptacles and utilize a 7/8” UN mating thread.
  • Size II – available in 6, 7, and 8 poles and based on a 1-1/8” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1” UN mating thread.
  • Size III – available in 9, 10, 12, and 19 poles and based on a 1-1/4” hex for the receptacles and utilize a 1-1/8” UN mating thread.

m23 Series

Mencom’s M23 series are over-molded connectors that are UL listed and designed to endure positive vibration which makes them commonly found on such items as servo drives, motors, and encoders. Available in 12, 16, 17, and 19 pole configurations, they are offered with straight or right angle heads and in a variety of color codes to match your application. M23 refers to the size of the mating threads. Cable jackets are available in ITC-ER PVC, shielded PUR and shielded TPE


  • MDC Series – Mencom’s Micro-DC (MDC) series of cables and receptacles, also widely known as Micro-change or M12, are commonly used in factory automation for items such as sensors, actuators, motors, switches, safety light curtains and mats, and interlock switches. Offered in 2 through 8 as well as 12 pole configurations, they come in a variety of outer jacket material with or without shielding. The MDC series utilizes an A-coded single keyway connector.
  • MAC Series – Micro-AC. This series is similar to the MDC series, but it utilizes a C-coded double keyway connector with a ½-20 mating thread and has a first make last break extended ground pin.
  • MEC – M12. Utilizing an M12 thread, the MEC keyway is reversed (B-coded) and is available with a first make last break extended ground pin connected to a green/yellow ground wire.
  • NAN – M8 Pico. Available in 3, 4, and 6 poles, the tiny M8 NAN series is ideal in tight space applications and is commonly used with miniature proximity, hall-effect, and photo-electric sensors.

Network Connectors

Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity products to streamline your installation and ensure network integrity and performance. Mencom connectors are UL listed, IP67 rated, and are designed to work in harsh environments of temperature extremes, humidity, vibration, and electrical noise.

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • DeviceNet
  • Profibus DP
  • Profibus PA
  • Profinet
  • Foundation Fieldbus

panel interface Connectors

Panel Interface Connectors (PICs) typically mount to the outside of a panel box and provide safe pass-through access to the controls inside so that a user can test and maintain equipment without opening up the box. PICs mitigate concerns over the risks of arc flash, and alleviate the need for personal protection equipment and the need to de-energize the system by a highly-qualified electrician. Mencom currently has over 3,000 designs in production utilizing hundreds of components such as power ports, communication ports, resets, and data highways. Mencom PICs are rated IP65 (NEMA 4, 4X, 12)


ILME is Mencom’s full line series of rectangular connectors including hoods, housings, and inserts from 1 pole to 216 pole and from milli-amps to 200 amps. Order as a kit for your own custom solution from a wide array of configurations (kits include a bulkhead panel mount base, a male and female insert, and a mating hood), or order as a fully wired receptacle. Standard wire lengths for the receptacles is 0.5m, 1m, and 2m, but custom lengths are no problem.


Mencom produces a complete line of solenoid valve connectors and accessories that conform to EN175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650) and are available in 5 different interfaces (Form A, Form B, Form C as well as Industry Standard Form B and Form C). All Mencom valve connectors carry an IP65 protection rating. Molded connectors utilize a PVC jacket with 18 AWG conductors, while the field wireables are available in PG9, PG11, and ½” NPT openings. Connector options include indicator lights, surge suppression, and other circuitry configurations to aid in diagnostics and protection of equipment.


Mencom offers an excellent selection of passive junction boxes in their MIN, MICRO, and NAN series. All are IP67 rated for harsh environments, and are available with a variety of trunk connections that will increase your installation reliability and speed.

  • 4-12 port, M12 Micro-DC series
  • 4-8 port, Micro-AC series
  • 4-8 port, 7/8 MIN series
  • 4-8 port, M8 Nano series


Prevent connection failures and downtimes in abusive manufacturing environments with Mencom armored cordsets, designed to withstand the harshest, most rugged conditions. Failures often occur from harsh conditions such as repetitive impacts, abrasion from loaded components, high pressure washdown, cleaning chemicals, extreme temperature, and weld slag – all preventable using one of Mencom’s armored cordsets. They are available in 7/8″, M12, 1/2″ and M8 Connectors.

  • Stainless Steel Coupling Nuts – corrosion resistant.
  • Stainless Armor – crush, abrasion resistant.
  • Silicone Tube Covered – extreme weld slag and high temperature protection.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) – weld slag resistant.
  • PVC Covered Armor – water tight, crush, and abrasion resistant.


Mencom’s T35 series of DIN Rail modules brings DIN Rail mounting technology to your connector interface applications with a broad range of modules that provide a wiring transition from a variety of connectors to fixed wiring or wireable terminal blocks. Pre-molded connections such as ribbon cables and D-Subs are easily broken out to individual terminal points. Interface modules feature a cable locking mechanism and an area for easy labeling. Many of the printed circuit boards feature additional component holes for the easy addition of LEDs, resistors, or other electronic components, and multi-tiered terminal blocks are an option for quick wiring.


The small size of Mencom’s port adapters make them ideal for use in tight spaces. The anodized aluminum housing (stainless steel is available) has a connector potted inside and a cover cap making them suitable for wash down applications.


Many of Mencom’s connectors – including Micro, network, Mil-Spec, MINI, rectangular, junction blocks, panel interface, port adapters, solenoid valve, and cable glands – are IP (Ingress Protection) rated with ratings from IP44 to IP68. IP67 and IP65 are the most common classifications used in waterproof connector applications. IP67 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and ingress of water when immersed in one meter of water for 30 minutes. IP65 waterproof connectors provide complete protection against dust, and protection of water jets from all directions.


Mencom cable glands, available in Nonmetallic, Nickel Brass, and Stainless Steel, are offered with NPT, metric, or PG threading and are all IP68 rated for the harshest environments. From the very small (PG7) to the very large (M63), Mencom’s full line of cable glands provide pass-through protection for your wiring while providing strain relief and ensuring protection within your enclosure from outside contaminants. Explosion proof brass cable glands are available.

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