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CS Automation Company History


Component Supply was started as a traditional fluid power distribution company as a proprietorship in Penfield New York in 1970. We had one product line to represent and one employee. In 1972 we incorporated and soon moved to a new sales office also in Penfield where we remained until 1976. Many years later we would change our name to CS Automation to better reflect the direction; goods and services we could offer to the marketplace.

As the years went on CS Automation began to grow and took on additional product lines that were mostly pneumatic in nature.  We consciously made the decision to specialize in the pneumatic segment of the fluid power industry. Compressed air automation devices became our specialty and we grew at faster rates. By this time we had moved into a 6,000 square foot facility in Ontario, New York about 15 miles East of Rochester, New York.

For the next 8 years CS Automation grew and established a reputation as an efficient and technically capable distributor with great potential. In 1984 we made a growth investment and hired additional technically qualified sales engineers.  That decision sparked an accelerated growth pattern which persists today. We are a key supplier to many major corporations in North America, and we also export all over the world.

CS Automation soon evolved into a value added pneumatic specialists distribution company that excelled in offering many value added services such as; higher level assembly work, contract assembly work, vendor managed inventory services and a high degree of pneumatic automation circuit design that had now expanded into instrumentation, process controls, vacuum systems, heavy vehicle pneumatic control systems as well as extruded aluminum frames, structures and guarding.

After starting at CS Automation in 1984 Mike Cole was named president and part owner of the company in 1995. In 2002 Mike acquired the balance of the stock and become the sole owner and we are a privately held company. Mike has been tasked with the role of visionary leadership ever since the early 1980’s and thanks to having a highly dedicated group of coworkers and outstanding suppliers CS Automation has grown in a significant fashion.



We moved into our present 12,500 square foot facility located in the Beh industrial park in Ontario NY. We modernized our offices and ran a fully integrated computerized ERP system, full 3D CAD services and set up our entire operation to operate in a “lean distribution” mode. Our value added sub assembly, aluminum fabrication and contact manufacturing areas are also operated with “lean manufacturing principles” as part of corporate culture. We have grown substantially in the area of sub assembly and even contract manufacturing services in recent years. We embrace the concepts of continuous improvement and attempt to deliver a “world class buying experience” to every customer that buys goods and services from CS Automation.


CS Automation was approached by SMC Corporation to represent their world class family of pneumatic and electric automation products and our ability to penetrate and service global accounts escalated dramatically. CS Automation is one a very few distributors in the SMC network that has achieved Elite Distributor status. By achieving the Elite SMC Distributor level we had to meet dozens of capability criteria and reach a very aggressive annual sales volume goal. CS Automation is viewed as one of the “best of the best” when measured by number of employees; we are smaller than most other SMC Elite’s. This underscores our high level of commitment to the SMC product line. Simply put; SMC is the world standard for pneumatic automation and we are fully committed to delivering a “world class buying experience” to our customers when they purchase SMC or any other product line we represent.


We achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in effort to position ourselves for more growth and be capable of handling it without a loss of efficiency. This evolution helped distinguish us from competitors in our market and identified CS Automation as a company that offers highly efficient distribution services along with specialized value added technical distribution capability. We can offer basic distribution services but mostly we strive to be viewed as an extension of our customers engineering departments. We have become known nationally for leading many distribution “best practice” techniques and strive to be a true solution provider. Our business model is committed to growth and we are striving to get better every day at delivering the very best quality and service possible to our valued customers.


We added another 2,500 square feet of office and manufacturing space to help us handle the growth we were experiencing. Our “tech center” was born from this addition and today we house several degreed engineers in this portion of our facility in both electrical and mechanical disciplines. We also added more office space to our customer service and accounting areas to ne poised for more growth. We also increased our CAD platforms and run full blown SolidWorks® and AutoCAD® to help support our customers. We have light machining capabilities and can often make small run prototypes of parts such as; manifolds, mounting plates, brackets, rod ends, and custom clevis mounts etc., that we might need to help us build value added sub-assemblies for our customers.

In November of 2015 we went live with 80/20® Inc. the largest and most innovative T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion manufacture in North America. 80/20® Inc. carries global brand recognition and really helped us gain more penetration with our customers. We had offered extruded aluminum before but with such a great partner and a committed investment in human resources, technical talent and equipment we have exploded onto the structural aluminum scene. At almost the same time we had been approached by the Mitsubishi Electric Automation Unit {MEAU} and were signed on as a distributor in New York State in January 2016. We could now offer our customers automation solutions in Pneumatic, Electric and the Structural aluminum arenas. The “Three Pillars” that help define CS Automation are all global leaders in their fields that offer great quality, breath of product, innovation and global networks to support any customer around the world.


Driven by the addition of 80/20® Inc. and Mitsubishi to go along with SMC as our primary business partners we needed to change our name. CS Automation Div. of Novatech Industries Inc. became our new name and helps convey the additional products and capabilities we can offer to our customers. We bolstered our technical support staff by adding several mechanical and electrical controls engineers to our team. We don’t build machines or fixtures but we can help our customers do just about anything in the automation field. Check back from time to time….we don’t stand still for very long!