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For over 40 years EXM has been manufacturing a full line of NEMA rated enclosures and cabinets in both steel and fiberglass materials for industrial and commercial applications. EXM products offer features such as heavy duty die-cast hinges, automated seamless welding, poured-in-place gaskets that eliminate compression problems, and modular enclosures, as well as optional inner panels and anti-vibration hardware, powder coated stainless steel enclosures, flange-mounted locks, and roller-formed frames. Although EXM’s standard products number well over 21,000 possible selections, they also specialize in custom enclosure solutions. Customize an enclosure for your unique application utilizing BoxCAD, EXM’s exclusive online service that allows users to design their own custom enclosure within EXM’s product series without the need of a CAD expert.


EXM manufactures enclosures in a variety of materials for virtually any environment, protecting electrical and electronic instruments, controls and components, for both indoor and weatherproof outdoor requirements.

  • Powder Coated Steel Boxes
  • Stainless Steel Boxes – Brushed or Painted
  • Aluminum Boxes
  • Fiberglass Boxes
  • Doors, Lift-off Covers, Screw Covers
  • EMI/RFI Shielded Boxes
  • Optional Windows
  • Metric Series of Boxes
  • Pushbutton Series of Boxes
  • JIC Utility Enclosures


EXM’s modular series of cabinets provide adjustable solutions that are easily customizable to your specifications with doors, windows, covers, inner panels, cutouts, and a wide range of accessories. Standard cabinets are available in steel, though external cover options include aluminum, brushed or powder coated stainless steel, and EMI/RFI shielding. Available in single, double, and multi-bay standard or disconnect configurations, order individual parts, pre-assembled kits, or complete units


Use EXM consoles and PC cabinets to protect your electrical equipment from dirt, dust, oil, and water splashing. Consoles are finished with a heat fused powder paint, or choose stainless steel with a powder coated interior. Boxes are designed and manufactured for rigidity, and the poured seamless gaskets and positive closing latching systems for doors ensure complete protection for equipment inside. Easily configurable with various pedestals and bases as well as shelves, keyboards and mousepads.


EXM offers a vast array of wireway solutions for housing and protecting electric wires and cable. Made from code gauge steel, EXM wireways can be ordered for lay-in applications with secured locking hinged covers, or screw-on covers for pull through requirements. Corners of components are aesthetically rounded, and as with their other products, are available with a powder coated finish or stainless steel. Choose from individual simple ducts, or from complete wireway systems.

  • Lay-in Duct, Hinged Cover
  • Lay-in Duct, Screwed Cover
  • Oil and Dust Tight Lay-in
  • Watertight Pull Through
  • Stainless Steel Watertight Pull Through


  • Splitter Boxes & Troughs in various sizes and NEMA ratings.
  • Bus Bar Splitter Troughs with Aluminum Bus Bars
  • Bus Bar Splitter Troughs with Copper Bus Bars
  • Watertight Bus Bar Splitter Troughs
  • Watertight Bus Bar Splitter Troughs with Copper Bus Bars
  • Stainless Steel Bus Bar Splitter Troughs
  • Stainless Steel Bus Bar Splitter Troughs with Copper Bus Bars
  • Metering Cabinets
  • Weatherproof Metering Cabinets
  • Current Transformer Cabinets


EXM manufactures a full range of boxes for the commercial industry. The Commercial line includes standard enclosures such as NEMA 1 rated boxes that are used where the control installation does not demand a high degree of protection but where a quality enclosure is still warranted, as well as periphery equipment such as junction boxes, telephone cabinets, communication boxes, troughs, and ventilated enclosures.


Enclosures that feature a provision for flange mount disconnects.

  • Safety Disconnect Enclosures
  • Watertight Safety Disconnect Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel Watertight Safety Disconnect Enclosures
  • Double Door Enclosures for Right Flange Mounted Disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Right Flange Mounted Disconnect
  • Double Door Enclosures for Center Post Mounted Disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Center Post Mounted Disconnect
  • Right Flange Mounted Disconnect Multi-Door
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Door Disconnect


EXM manufactures and stocks climate control equipment and accessories to be used in and around cabinets. Products include air conditioners, heaters, lights, electrical receptacles, vents and filters, fans, pressure compensating devices, and regulating and monitoring components.


  • Door Locks and Handles including Electronic Lock Devices
  • Mounting Feet and Stands
  • Cabinet Doors and Panels
  • Lights
  • Door Stop Kits
  • External Drip Shields
  • Folding Shelves
  • Pole Mounting Kits
  • Castor Wheels
  • Grounding Accessories
  • Hole Plugs
  • Hardware Kits
  • Gas Spring Cylinders
  • DIN Rails and Accessories
  • Pressure Compensation
  • Louver Plates and Filters
  • Window Kits
  • Washdown Hoods


EXM’s BoxCAD software is an online configurator that allows you to define your dimensions, colors, cutouts, and other requirements to fit your application without the need of a specialist technical support person. Easily add accessories such as threaded studs, windows, doors, various closing systems, environmental control, etc. BoxCAD is an innovative product configurator that has been developed and continuously refined over the past decade to ensure an easy to use interface with capabilities to meet your custom design requirements while respecting the rules required for UL and CSA approvals. Generate 2D drawings (pdf or dxf formats), or fully integrate with your 3D platform with BoxCAD-generated stp files.