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With a product range of over 25,000 items, Schmersal has been manufacturing high quality safe switching products and systems for over 65 years. From precision electromechanical position switches to patented leading edge Pulse Echo technology, Schmersal leads the industry in quality and innovative safety products protecting both man and machine. CS Automation is pleased to offer you the full line Schmersal safety and automation products including light curtains, safety mats, safety relays, and safety switches.

Safe Switching and Monitoring

Safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications.

Safety Door/Removable Guard Monitoring

Safety switches are suitable for sliding, hinged and particularly removable safety
guards, which need to be closed and/or locked to ensure the necessary operational

  • Safety switches with separate actuators
  • Solenoid interlocks
  • Door Handle actuators
  • Safety Sensors
  • Position Switch
  • Safety switches for Hinged Guards

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Optoelectronic Safety Devices

Optoelectronic safety devices are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards.

  • Safety light grids
  • Safety light barriers

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Command Devices

Command devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the area of industrial applications.

  • Pull-wire emergency stop switches
  • Emergency-Stop button
  • Two-hand control panels
  • Enabling device

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Safety-related tactile sensor

Actuated by physical contact, tactile safety monitoring devices stop the hazardous movement.

  • Safety Edges
  • Safety Mats

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Safe Signal Processing

Safety relay modules for various safety technology applications (e.g. for emergency stop and guard door monitoring)

  • Safety Controllers
  • Output expanders
  • Multi-function safety module
  • Fail-safe standstill monitors
  • Input expander

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Automation Technology

Switches for the mechanical position detection in various fields of application.

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Ex Zones

Switchgears, which can be used – in accordance with the harmonized standards – in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gas and dust.

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Video Tutorials

A collection of video presentations: Product demonstrations, webinar recordings, video tutorials, and product animations.

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Technical Articles

A selection of technical articles dealing with machine safety. Many of the articles and whitepapers have appeared in various publications.

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SATECH Guarding Systems

These modular steel guarding systems are custom designed for each client using standard components. Panels and posts can be directly bolted together, or use patented captive fastening systems, in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE; If a panel needs to be temporarily removed, the fastening hardware will remain in place so pieces will not be lost.

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Engineering Services (Tec.nicum)

Services relating to machine safety and industrial safety. Functional Safety Engineers lead a product and manufacturer-neutral consultation of all the latest statutory guidelines and assist in designing machines and workplaces to be safer places.

  • Academy
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • Integration

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