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SMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products. SMC offers a complete line of air preparation products, directional control valves, actuators, fittings, tubing, electrical actuators & grippers, instrumentation equipment and vacuum products.

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World class quality process & instrumentation tube and pipe fittings, ball valves, needle valves, diaphragm valves, manifolds, filters, hose assemblies & sample cylinders, made from 316 SS, Teflon, brass & other materials. These high quality products are directly interchangeable with Swagelok® and Parker CPI® instrumentation fittings & are a great value.

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Colder Products

Plastic and chrome plated brass and aluminum quick couplers and high purity fittings for medical, process, food and industrial applications. Couplings come with and without shut-off valves and a wide array of fluid handling capabilities. Custom designs can be provided to meet a huge variety of customer’s specifications.

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Manufacturer of pressure switches & sensors, level switches, flow switches, proximity switches & liquid level sensors.

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Miniature manual, solenoid, pneumatic & mechanically operated valves, a wide array of fittings, air & hydraulic manifolds, air jets and tubing.

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Offers a full range of Trans-DOT® air valves, cylinders and enclosures for heavy vehicle truck and trailer applications such as lift axle controls, suspension dump valves & tailgate controls. Brake protection valves, quick exhausts, check valves and custom solutions for vehicles and industrial valve needs. Forged brass “push to connect or PTC” DOT approved fittings for heavy vehicles and a complete range of brass pipe and industrial PTC fittings for thermoplastic tubing.

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Supplier of brass fittings, ball valves, malleable iron fittings, red brass, bronze, stainless steel and forged steel fittings, nipples, and flanges, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and accessories, pressure gauges, hose clamps, and much more.

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Air Logic

Fluidic logic control devices, high precision pressure & vacuum switches and regulators, relief valves, check valves, barbed fittings, precision orifices, miniature quick disconnects and inline filters for medical and other precision applications. Custom solutions are also available.

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Worldwide provider of filtration systems in the industrial, process, instrumentation, food & beverage & bio-pharmaceutical markets, including dust collection, steam filtration, power generation, specialty filtration, compressed air purification, off-road equipment, heavy trucks and light vehicles. Donaldson can offer high pressure filtration capabilities with housings and elements to meet just about every possible need.

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Air preparation equipment and air management systems. Full line of modular filters, regulators, lubricators, relief valves, mufflers, coalescing filters and OSHA lockout valves.

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Automatic Valve

Heavy-duty pneumatic control valves and manifolds, Field Bus electrical control valves with 25 Pin DIN interface, ISO valves, Automotive Interchange valves, line mounted valves and OSHA lockouts.

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Air exhaust mufflers, silencers, filters and speed control mufflers. Sizes from 10-32 Threads up to 3” NPT.

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Air Mite

Air Arbor presses, cylinders, valves and airline accessories.

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Low pressure precision vacuum & pressure switches, regulators and logic type accessories such as fittings, inline filters, orifices and check valves.

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Air operated vacuum pumps, generators, single and multi-stage design & suction cups.

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Pneumatic C & C

NFPA aluminum and stainless steel cylinders & accessories.

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Hydraulic and pneumatic flow controls, needle valves, quick exhausts, check valves & specials for all fluids made from brass, carbon steel and stainless steel materials.

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High quality, high flow, low wattage, miniature directional control solenoid & air piloted valves, manifolds, logic, and fittings. D-Sub 25 Pin central connector systems for direct PLC interface, PC board mounted valves and manifolds.

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Peter Paul

A full range of fluid control directional control solenoid valves in two and three way functions. Hazardous location valves, low wattage valves, high pressure magnetic latching, OEM valve operators, custom valve and manifold solutions.

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The Exair product line includes Vortex Tubes and applied products utilizing Vortex Tubes, Air Amplifiers, Air Knives, air-operated vacuums, ionizing products for static elimination, and liquid atomizing nozzles for product cooling, coating, cleaning and painting.

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Valves, tubing and hose, manifolds, metal and composite fittings, FRL’s, mufflers and breathers.

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