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Advantage of Electromechanical Actuators

When selecting actuators for axial force applications design engineers have a multitude of options. By far the most common devices used today are fluid powered cylinders, either pneumatic or hydraulic. These devices are popular as the tend to be inexpensive, power...

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Vacuum Pad Wear Monitoring Success Story

Problem  A technology leading manufacturer of Food and Packing Equipment was experiencing vacuum cup wear with their high-cycle pick and place systems.  This wear and the resulting leakage led to declining vacuum pick-up pressure.  Desiring to implement smart machine...

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New Mitsubishi ASSISTA Cobot

The MELFA Assista is Mitsubishi Electric’s newest robot offering, specifically created to work in a cooperative environment. Assista is a collaborative robot that can share a workspace with human interaction for a wide variety of applications. Easy control,...

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Mitsubishi RV-8CRL Robot

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the release of the high-performance, cost-effective vertical six-axis robot, the RV-8CRL. With a slim, compact design and no need for battery backup on the robot’s internal encoders, the RV-8CRL can fit into a wide variety of...

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PFMC Digital Flow Switch

Series PFMC digital flow switch provides continuous quantitative feedback as well as switched signal outputs...

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