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A fuel delivery truck integrator located in the Eastern United States came to CS Automation looking for a solution for a fuel delivery truck application for their customer, a major international oil and gas company. This is a metered-on demand gas/diesel fuel delivery truck that will be delivering fuel on request via a smartphone app to truckers at rest stops or parked in a given location. This vehicle has a control box built and in large part designed by CS Automation that will control the dispensing of fuel right to a trucker who has stopped to rest at a truck stop, hotel or in their yard.

This process saves them travel and wait time when refueling, increasing productivity. Qualified over the road truck drivers are in very short supply and making good use of their time is vital to the transportation industry. This is a concept truck and if the beta test works out this will become a project and CS Automation will build a significant number of these control boxes in the future.

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