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MGP Series -Compact Guided Actuator

Series MGP is designed for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. The cylinder utilizes an ultra-compact design by incorporating the cylinder body as part of the guide body. As the stroke length increases, so does the bearing length, thus enhancing the cylinder’s load bearing capacity. Order made options for this series include adjustable air cushions, heavy duty guide rods, copper free, high temperature, and low speed.



StabiliZRTM gauges are dry gauges that come with a StabiliZRTM dampened movement that eliminates pointer flutter caused by vibration and pulsation. This makes pressure reading much easier. No more worries of fill fluid leaking and compatibility issues with the process media. Gauges can easily be serviced without the hassle of draining and then refilling the case with fill fluid.

Sprecher + Schuh PC7 Warning Tower Series

The PC7 product line of warning towers from Auer Signal offers unmatched signaling brightness, versatility and quality. A simplified mounting system offers limited inventory but flexible connections. The wide variety of mounting options fits most any industrial application, including vertical, horizontal, a variety of pole lengths, and the Auer Signal Quick Mount system. The Perfect Module 70 offers the tallest tower, up to 7 lights, including a sound module that can be placed anywhere in the tower. The PC7 light modules also offer eight colors and a multi-color beacon.

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Featured Products

PFMC Digital Flow Switch

Series PFMC digital flow switch provides continuous quantitative feedback as well as switched signal outputs...

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