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The EX600 serial interface offers a full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters to meet the most stringent requirements. The EX600 offers excellent flexibility including digital input, digital output and analog input unit options. With the use of D-sub output blocks, a maximum of 9 remote D-sub manifolds can be attached to one EX600 communication module. This serial interface is compatible with series SV1000/2000/3000, VQC1000/2000/4000, S0700 and the new SY series valves. Available protocols include Ethernet/IP™, PROFINET.  The EX600 wireless cannot be used in countries where wireless is not supported.


  • Fieldbus: EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET
  • Output Method: PNP, NPN
  • Number of I/O points: 1280 inputs/1280 outputs
  • Enclosure: IP40 & IP67 (Manifold Assembly)
  • Operating temp. range: -10 to +50°C
  • Standards: CE marking, RoHS compliant
  • Weight: 280g & 300g

Mitsubishi 6 Axis Robot

A compact 6-axis jointed robot with an optimal arm length and wider range of movement suited for complex assembly and processing tasks. Compact body and slim arm design, allowing operating area to be expanded and load capacity increased. Layout accommodates a wide range of applications from transport of mechanical parts to assembly of electrical parts. Environmental resistance specifications enable application to a wide range of uses without needing to consider the installation environment.

  • Compact installation with operation performed near the robot base
  • Changes in operating posture made even more quickly
  • Full use of installation space
  • The fastest high-speed operation in its class
  • Contributes to improved productivity with high-frequency operations
  • Prevention of interference with cables
  • Compatibility with internal Ethernet cable tools
  • Expanded J4 axis operating range

Gems Custom Sensor Solutions

Whether you need a simple modification to a standard sensor or a fully engineered fluid management solution, Gems engineers have you covered.

Basic Modification

Found a Gems Sensors product to fit almost all of your needs? Gems can do simple modifications to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Basic modifications include:

  • Custom operating voltage
  • Wire length, color or cable
  • Custom seal material for media compatibility
  • Voltage rating
  • Port fitting not in catalog
  • Custom set point
  • Adjustment for viscosity
  • Performance enhancements for special pressure or flow ranges
  • Custom length

Value-Added & Sub-Assemblies

Gems value-added modifications and sub-assemblies can help ease your assembly process.

Customizations include:

  • Add an alternate connector
  • Add a bracket
  • Alternate mounting assembly
  • Calibration certifications
  • Multi-component assemblies (add a flow switch to a valve with a bracket and have it all wire to one connector = solution)

Integrated Solution

Do you want to minimize your existing hardware? With integrated solutions, you can eliminate excess mass, leak points and dead volume and embed the sensor directly inside.

Integrated solutions include:

  • Tailored footprint
  • Elimination of excess mass, leak points, & dead volume
  • Optimized performance
  • Enhanced sensing and control requirements

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