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SMC ISE20B, Digital Pressure Sensor

ISE20B is a digital pressure sensor with an informative, easy to read 3 screen, 3 color display.  The main screen shows the instantaneous reading in red or green, while two sub-screens can display the setting lable and its numeric value in orange.  Compared to the ISE20, ISE20B adds a 2nd switch output, as well as an analog voltage or current output.  The switch output responds within 1.5ms once the set pressure value is reached.  Response time can be adjusted to reduce chattering.  ISE20B is UL/CSA, CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP65 enclosure rating.

  • Great value for pressure sensing in wet or dry environments, with an IP65 rating
  • 3 setting modes: 3-step, simple, function selection
  • 5 pressure units: MPa, kPa, kgf/cm2, bar, psi
  • 2 switch outputs (NPN or PNP) plus 1 analog output (V or mA)
  • Port sizes: M5 (female), 1/8 Rc or NPT (male), One-touch elbow fitting (ø4 or 6mm)
  • Bracket or panel mounting options

Balluff CC-Link IE Field Basic Network Block w/IO-Link

The CC-Link IE Field Basic network block is compatible with 100 Mbit Ethernet devices and provides optimal performance in applications where gigabit speed is not required. This makes CC-Link IE Field Basic ideal for meeting requirements of the so-called low automation level, such as bar loading magazines. Our CC-Link IE Field Basic BNI module features IO-Link, giving you the advantages of IO-Link in a CC-Link IE Field Basic network, including device detection to enable automatic trans­mission of parameter and configuration data. You benefit from simple integration, faster startup and comprehensive monitoring capabilities based on thorough diagnostics. Altogether, you increase efficiency while significantly lowering overall costs.

  • Adds CC-Link IE compatibility with 100 Mbit Ethernet devices
  • Supports Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP)
  • Flexibly uses data ranges by controlling two to five stations
  • Shows convenient diagnostics using 24 LEDs for port and module status
  • Readied for harsh environments with a rugged IP67 metal housing

Rollon’s Compact Rail

Compact Rail is a linear system consisting of steel linear rails with induction hardened raceways and high precision radial ball bearing sliders, also made of hardened steel. Thanks to their self-aligning capabilities, Compact Rail linear guides simplify the project, improve the performance and reduce the overall cost of the application. Compact Rail linear guides are easy to install on all types of surfaces, including non-machined ones.

Compact Rail linear guides feature a robust steel slider with ball bearings, self-centering heads with wipers, longitudinal seals to protect the internal components and a top sealing strip. The slider body is accurately finished with matte longitudinal edge chamfer and a shining ground flat surface. The slider heads are equipped with special slow release felt pads and are free to rotate with respect to the slider body, so that the felts are always in contact with the raceways to ensure optimal lubrication. The felts can be greased through a dedicated oil refilling access on the front of the head, simply by means of a syringe Available in 5 different sizes: 18, 28, 35, 43, 63 mm.

  • Possibility to create self-aligning systems (T+U o K+U) to compensate inherent misalignment of the mounting surfaces.
  • Robust NS slider made of steel with lateral seals and floating wipers. Also available in NSD version with mounting holes parallel to the main load direction.
  • Different anticorrosion treatments available for rails and slider bodies: zinc-plating according to ISO 2081 (standard for all rails and slider bodies), Rollon Aloy, Rollon E-coating and nickel-plating.
  • Compact dimensions ensured by C-profile that contains the sliders and the rolling elements.
  • Induction hardened and ground raceways.
  • Adjustable preload.

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