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Bosch Rexroth Workstations

With manual production systems, you can flexibly design your own individual workstation solution. You can choose from custom products, which enable you to put together the perfect solution using numerous parameters. Or select from standard products with fixed dimensions.

In addition, a comprehensive program of accessories consisting of workstation lighting, power supply, information provision and positioning of tools, as well as ESD components and swivel work chairs, is available.

Individually designed workstations ensure:

  • Targeted and optimized use of capacities
  • Work with reduced fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Motivated employees

Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F Series

The iQ-F Series is Mitsubishi Electric’s compact control platform. The FX5U model provides a cost-effective solution that boasts ease of use, functionality, and high performance in a small panel footprint. Ideal for small to medium machines, the FX5U and FX5UC controllers enable faster decision making with access to real time data and improved machine accuracy and throughput. The FX5U and FX5UC are keys to a more profitable manufacturing environment.

Key Benefits

  • Faster machine response and increased productivity with 34 ns execution speed
  • Flexible architecture and expansion options to easily standardize for a variety of applications
  • Open connectivity and flexible networking with Ethernet, Modbus and serial communications options
  • Enhanced security options to protect intellectual property
  • Motion control capability in a compact controller platform, reducing cost and simplifying design

Crevis G-Series Remote IO

The G series distributed IOs provide you with supreme field and bus connectivity for smart integrated solutions through a wide range of IO modules for almost any signal type. Communicate with overlying systems or other equipment via widely used communication protocols by combining slice IOs with a network adapter module to match your requirements.

The G series offers better performance than standard IOs. Higher IO and network scan frequency and a wide range of industrial certifications lets you operate safely in tough industrial applications. Easily read signals and communicate with devices that are remote to the master controller. Over 10 industrial protocols are available and 50 plus types of slices.

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PFMC Digital Flow Switch

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