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Bosch Rexroth

Bosch is a leading provider of factory automation solutions that employs 32,000 associates across 80 different countries with 20 of those countries housing manufacturing and customization facilities.  As an organization deeply focused on manufacturing and process efficiencies, Bosch has always been at the forefront of automation technologies.  Not only do they manufacture solutions such as t-slot aluminum extrusion, conveyance systems, tightening equipment, and linear motion products but they also deploy these technologies throughout all their manufacturing facilities.  The result of this practice is a cross platform synergy that no other manufacturer can replicate.  Whether you need a simple workstation to improve the ergonomics of you manufacturing process or you’re ready to take things to the next level and pursue Industry 4.0, Bosch has a solution in their portfolio that will work for you.

Aluminum Structural Framing & Assembly

Working environments are all the more efficient when they are individually tailored to meet the respective production requirements. From flow racks and frames made of aluminum profiles, enclosures, ergonomic assembly work stations to fully automated manufacturing lines with transfer systems Bosch has a solution. Based on decades of practical experience, the sophisticated and uniquely versatile assembly technology from Bosch Rexroth is continuously being further developed. With modular, finely coordinated components, Bosch Rexroth facilitates the realization of customized, future-proof solutions for your production.

Conveyor Systems

Years of experience, durable products and innovative technology are the main characteristics of the Rexroth transfer systems.

Whether you are looking for a simple conveyor circuit or a more complex production system, Bosch material and information flow technology is used for production, assembly and testing tasks throughout the world.

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