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In today’s day in age, everyone is looking to save money.  Electrical Energy, Human Resources, downtime, and installation time are all common ways to do this.

How can C.S. Automation and Mitsubishi Electric help you do that?  With Mitsubishi’s Variable Frequency Drives.  VFDs are used in many industries.  They essentially allow you to control the speed of an AC motor.

1) Electrical Energy Savings

So, let’s take a look at how controlling the speed of an AC motor can save you money.  When you run an AC motor at 60hz (or 100% speed) you are using as much energy as the motor is rated for to make it spin as fast as it can.  In a lot of applications, this can be dropped substantially.  If you still need the motor to spin quickly, but can slow it down to say 53hz (or 88.33% speed) you can save a TON of money on your electrical bill. 


A 10HP fan motor that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throttled back to 88% speed.

Yearly energy savings (at 5.9 cents per kWh) (10,095kWh Saved) = Estimated $5,956

C02 Savings= Estimated 3.56 Tons of Carbon

Keep in mind that this is only one fan!

VFD’s can also control the Acceleration and Deceleration of a motor, which dramatically lowers the amount of in-rush current when you turn the motor on thus saving you even more in electrical cost.  When you start a motor at 100% speed across the line (with a standard motor starter/contactor) the motor draws around 6 times the amount of current.  If this is something you do multiple times a day you are spending a small fortune on electricity.

2) Human Resources

Mitsubishi’s VFD is second to none for reliability in the world.  After they are installed and set-up they virtually run forever.  Having been in a technical role in a past employer, we had to maintain around 1000 drives.  Around 100 were Mitsubishi.  The Mitsubishi drives I installed in 2007/2008 are still running.  This means that you don’t have to have valuable technicians maintaining and replacing them regularly.  Which translates to fewer expensive technical staff needed for your Automation.

3) Downtime

Mitsubishi VFDs are world renowned for their quality with an astounding return rate of less than 45 units per million including customer returns, which could be based on other circumstances.  Their units are rigorously tested.  This means that your machines stay running.  When your machines aren’t being shut down to do equipment failures you save a lot of money!  Please take a look at this short video about the quality testing the VFDs go through at Mitsubishi.   


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